Watch This BBC News Documentary on Heroin Addiction in Avon Lake

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BBC News produced a 30-minute documentary on the state of the heroin crisis here in Avon Lake. 

From tracking the genesis of this country's growing problem with opiate addiction (over-prescription of painkillers) to zooming in on a local addict's journey to rehab, the documentary paints a grim picture lurking beneath the surface of the suburbs. Midway through the video, former and current Avon Lake High School students detail how prevalent drug use is within the school itself — morphine patches in the bathroom, Oxycontin in study hall, etc. 

It's slickly produced and pretty far-reaching in its content. (The score seems almost Trent Reznoresque at times, too.) 

"I completely hate heroin and everything that it does," Blake, a former Avon Lake student says in the video. "That consumed my life for probably the last four years." He told the BBC that he first took opiates in the library at the high school. He snorted a line of Oxycontin off a table.

Elsewhere, Mason, another local resident, reports on the progress he's making through detox and treatment. He describes it as a very difficult path, which tracks with our reporting on what it takes to get clean.

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