Water Issues at Juvenile Justice Center


Problems at the Juvenile Justice Center, Cleveland's sparkling version of Tom Hanks' money pit, just won't stop. If it's not colossal and mysterious overspending, then it's egregious and obvious overspending. If it's not a $430,067 coffee table, then it's an internet system that has to be completely redone. At this point, it might be cheaper to blow the thing up and start from scratch.

It's been a few months since a noteworthy bit of infamy at the sinkhole, so it had fluttered to the back of our brains, making room for stupid criminals in Lorain and that guy from Channel 19 and his chiseled abs. But we're talking about the Juvenile Justice Center, that princely lemon purchased by the county, so the next bit of hilarious news is never far off. With 500 employees already working there before next week's official opening, we knew the latest entertainment had to come soon. And it did.

NewsNet5 reports the latest entry in the building's cringe-worthy record: Two workers complained that water at the Juvenile Justice Center caused skin irritations and another said the drinking water made her throat burn.

Workers have been told to stop using the H20 for now as the water department investigates. Test results are due back Saturday. The maintenance director told WEWS that the problems likely stem from construction debris in the system. Yummy. Here's a palace. Don't drink the water.

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