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Readers sound off on bicycling in Cleveland

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The faux-Dickensian language and reliance on a thesaurus meant that Vince Grzegorek was probably trying to be funny when he wrote "The Bicyclist's Guide to Cleveland" [August 4, 2010]. But the humor failed, and the reader was left wondering whether he thinks bicyclists are clots in the veins of Cleveland or forward-thinking, civic-minded individuals to be admired. The article was disappointing because an actual guide to bicycling in Cleveland would have been useful and because those who hate bicyclists might find justification for their bad behavior.

Let me also note that Lois Moss is a tireless advocate for non-motorized transportation, and I applaud her accomplishments. But I disagree with her contention that bridle trails and other non-paved paths should be opened to off-road biking. I am a supporter of bicyclists' rights, but my favorite sport is trail running, and I use the non-paved paths in the parks. Opening these paths to bikes would be dangerous for pedestrians and would damage and degrade the paths.

Nan Alexander

Cleveland Heights



I read your article on biking in Cleveland — sick man. That was some dead-on funny-ass shit, dude. I just wanted to let you know somewhere out there, I got it. Yeah, far out. You got it dude, keep up the quality shit. Makes the Scene worth reading.

Andy James




I was searching the internet for other bikers who have been hit in the throat with a two-by-four and came across your article. You truly made me laugh.

I made the mistake of being overly courteous to a driver and chose to bike behind and around him while he was ready to gun it and make a left turn. My manners led to me biking right into a long piece of wood that hit me in the throat and knocked me off the bike and onto my unhelmeted skull! (I had two helmets stolen in a few weeks, so figured that was a good excuse not to wear a third.) Peace and happy trails.

Lisa Fougere

Kelowna, British Columbia



I like a county-council candidate who has actively participated at the community level. Matt Brakey has been a proponent of banning red-light cameras from the beginning of the campaign to ban them in Cleveland, South Euclid, and Garfield Heights ["The Lonely Republican," Scene & Heard, July 7, 2010].

Those running for office should be scrutinized according to what they have done for the community, not what they say they are going to do. How many candidates have been actively helping their community? And how many are trying to run on a popularity contest or some other big-name achievement that had absolutely nothing to do with their own community?

Maryanne Petranek



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