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Readers sound off on the Port Authority


Marvelous piece by Mike Roberts on the Port Authority's miserable behavior ["Port in a Storm," August 25, 2010]. It points out the dire necessity of an alternative newspaper in Cleveland.

Why? Because Roberts' piece could never be written in The Plain Dealer or reported by any of the TV investigators or broadcast outlets, since they are all so subservient to powerful interests.

Roberts slams home the message with the statement "Without (Mayor Frank) Jackson's thoughtless indulgences, the fiasco would not have flowered. The Greater Cleveland Partnership stubbornly supported the plan and in doing so demonstrated its lack of business acumen. The venerable Cleveland Foundation funded a portion of the effort, displaying its lack of common sense."

The latter two institutions have helped fuck up the city far more seriously than the clowns at the county who are going to jail for their transgressions.

Roldo Bartimole

Cleveland Heights


With respect to the superb exposé on the repeated and stunning incompetence of the board of directors of the Cleveland Cuyahoga County Port Authority, it's long since come time for each and every member to submit their resignation.

This region can no longer afford the decades of misjudgment and mismanagement that have been repeatedly demonstrated by this crowd. Given what little constructive action has ever been taken by this board, it's obvious that our lakefront just won't take anything but the best. We need a fresh start and a new look. It's time to step up, do the right thing, and wipe the slate clean.

Peter Griesinger

Gates Mills


Here in Akron, the biggest problem with bicyclists is they seem to think the rules of the road don't apply to them ["The Bicyclist's Guide to Cleveland," August 4, 2010]. They're constantly riding against the flow of traffic, blocking the road, running stop signs, and refusing to yield to faster traffic.

Just last week, I was cussed out by a bicyclist while making a legal right turn. He was riding along next to the curb, talking to his buddies on the sidewalk. Yet he acted as if I were the one in the wrong!

I have no objection to sharing the road with bicycles, scooters, motorbikes, golf carts, or even livestock. So long as these other road users obey the laws — even the inconvenient ones they don't like.

Ray Crim



The author of "Breeding Contempt" [July 21, 2010] goes to great lengths to repeatedly bring up the killing of dogs and puppies. For the record, culling or "killing puppies with obvious defects" has been done in every breed known to man, and should be done more often. If more breeders took to heart the issues faced by shelters, they would feel not only responsible, but obligated to cull puppies.

Joe Buchanan


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