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Readers sound off on Best of Cleveland


In the 2010 Best of Cleveland poll, readers gave the "Best Politician" award to U.S. Representative Dennis Kucinich, saying that, with his "small army of devoted grassroots supporters, he'll be a congressman as long as he wants" ["Your City, Your World," October 13, 2010].

Not so fast. Now that the people of Ohio have delivered most of the state's leadership to Republicans, Columbus could do the Cleveland area a tremendous favor and redistrict Kucinich into political oblivion. After all, while Dennis watched and continued with his antics in Washington, Cleveland has bled population since the 2000 census and does not deserve two representatives in Congress.

To save his political life, Kucinich might someday have to fight it out with another incumbent Democrat, liberal Representative Marcia Fudge, in a primary. Now that would be something to see, wouldn't it?

Peter Skurkiss



Thank you for awarding us Best Club Theme Night for our music trivia night at Melt Bar & Grilled!

I just wanted to let you know that Cleveland Trivia is an independent company, and along with our Thursday nights at Melt, we host other nights in Cleveland as well. We entertain a lot of players on all nights, and we are happy they have enjoyed it so much as to vote for us!

Brian Conti



It was a big sigh of relief to read your article on the Cleveland graffiti scene ["Ghost Writers," October 20, 2010]. I'm a big advocate that graffiti is not a crime. I believe that street art in all forms makes the grittiness of Cleveland a little more bearable. I love that you talked about the "fun wall," where I have had the honor and privilege to watch graf legends Mear, Lady Pink, Daze, Skill One, and local legends Prae, Poke, Verbs Crow, Sym, and Lost paint. Cleveland has a rich history of graffiti. Thank you for looking at it as art and not as a crime or a stain on the city. You're right: The RTA Red Line is urban wallpaper that makes me giddy every time I see a new piece.

Kelly Moran



I've been a huge fan of the graffiti in Cleveland for a couple years now, and I'm glad Scene published this article. Maybe it will get more people to appreciate graffiti.

Brandon Davis


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