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Readers sound off on the new county government

Welcome to Your New County Government

"Leadership is nobody's business"? Then why in hell did we vote for reform ["New County Council Dems Caught in Backroom Dealings," at the Scene & Heard blog]?

It's not going to happen, but all of them should be canned now. Where is Ed FitzGerald? Does anyone believe there are not going to be more deals in the backroom? This new form of government hasn't even started yet, and I'm pissed already. I don't know if we can wait four years to vote all these idiots out.


What Blue-Collar Cities Do

I couldn't care less about LeBron; I'm disappointed in Cleveland ["Cavs Assistant Coach Tells LeBron to STFU," at the Scene & Heard blog]. This LeBron thing symbolizes one of the things wrong with this country.

Cleveland is a "blue collar" town, huh? You know what a real blue-collar man does when he gets sucker-punched like LeBron did us? He punches the guy right back in the face. He doesn't try to look at both sides of the story or weigh his options, worried he may appear to others to be going over the line or going too far. A blue-collar man isn't concerned about his image or lawyers or what the media might think of him. Congratulations, Cleveland. You appeased the media and were good little girls and boys.


The Other Basketball Problem

The basketball hoops at Impett Park only cost $14,000 if you replace them ["The Roundball Menace," November 24, 2010]. I don't condone vandalism or lawlessness, but if the city had listened to residents for the last few years, the hoops would not have been torn down — they would have been taken down properly. You can be sure that if those hoops were still standing, that meeting would never have happened.

Cleveland's parks director stated that these problems are at every hoop in the city, which tells me there are no proven solutions. The city doesn't have the resources to police personal behavior. Hoops belong at rec centers, where there is supervision and staff. That deters people with less-than-good intentions and creates an environment where "youth" can play safely.


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