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Readers sound off on the Cleveland Building Department

Your Unfriendly Neighborhood Building Department

The Cleveland Building Department is mean-spirited, self-serving, unprofessional, and dare I say racist against whites ["Hostile Fire," December 1, 2010]. I believe Frank Jackson to be a fair and unbiased man, but how every mayor of this town lets the building department do whatever it wants is beyond me.

Can you imagine the income the city loses — millions, at least — because every contractor I know of has an attitude of "whatever you do, don't go through the building department." Imagine if they were friendly, caring, easy to get along with, and professional? Most contractors want to get the proper permits, but the way the building department acts now, no one will go down there and deal with them. Seriously, how do they get away with it year in and year out?


Rules of Convenience

This is not the first time Ronald O'Leary and the building department have switched oars in midstream. For years, they and the zoning board have used the "archaic" code to determine who is granted variances and who is not. Recently, O'Leary provided a loophole for a Tremont business to expand its seating capacity.

It has been evident for some time that there are different rules for the meddlers when it hits close to home. The rest of us just have to suck it up.


A Welcome Enterprise for Ohio City

A hostel would be a great addition to Ohio City. I have stayed in numerous hostels throughout Europe, and they were always well-run. A hostel is merely a budget hotel. I wish Mr. Lalich luck.


Protest From the Couch

Cleveland Clinic is full of it ["Sorry, We're Closed," December 1, 2010]. By shutting down Huron Hospital's trauma center, the Clinic used the City of Cleveland for its own benefit. Now the people will suffer: low income, middle income, no income, and the rich, as well as our policemen, firemen, and emergency workers.

I live in East Cleveland, and I feel that this is all about race and the fact that the trauma center is in the heart of a mostly black community that has seen better days. The heart center that was at Huron Hospital was taken away because people with money didn't want to come to East Cleveland for treatment. East Cleveland residents, get up off your couches and protest before we lose the trauma center.


Pray for East Siders

Just had to put my two cents in as a former CEMS medic. There's no money in trauma care, and the Clinic knows this. That's what killed St. Luke (Level II) and Mount Sinai (Level I).

Until a few months ago, Lakewood Hospital — another Cleveland Clinic Foundation member hospital — was a Level II trauma center. Fairview is so understaffed in its ED that no one wants to take traumas there. So the Clinic will probably close Fairview's trauma center too, which means they'll only lose money from one trauma center: Hillcrest.

By closing Huron's trauma center, the Clinic is essentially dumping all of its patients onto an already stressed and underfunded system at Metro. This will serve no one but Toby Cosgrove and the Clinic's own interests. How long before the Clinic decides to close Hillcrest's trauma center because it is losing money? Pray for your friends and family if they live on the East Side.


Sounds From the Cellar

Wild Nite Radio is a blessing that helps local and unseen bands get noticed ["Live From the Basement," November 24, 2010]. DJ Studda plays the best music, and Dr. Zero is always slammin' the guitar rock. Those of you who don't know Wild Nite Radio, tune in. There's a lot more coming!



Why haven't you all figured this out is beyond me ,what about the general safety of the hospital staff to walk outside for a break without being mugged?has anyone done a crime-rate check for the area the hospital sits?hundreds of smokers work there,they have to go outside to have a smoke,do you really think its fair to those nurses and medics that it is a life risking task to walk outside for a five minute break?safety first,make it safe to work there and make the area safe.this is about the safety of the cleveland clinic employees,not about rejecting service to cleveland,it is clevelands fault if the lazy cops did their jobs in that neighborhood,the hardworking,honest hospital workers wouldnt be forced to leave by the high crime area


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