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Readers sound off on traffic cameras and more

Consider the Alternatives

To those who complain about traffic-enforcement cameras: Rather than just complain about the cameras, how about suggesting other solutions? ["The Evil Eye's Enemy," December 22, 2010]. How can we make drivers obey the speed limits? How can we make motorists stop rushing through red lights? How can we make motorists respect other road users? If you have a better idea, I am all ears.


Science and Scams

I am a forensic video analyst and have examined many red-light camera videos from many cities, mostly from Chicago — the red-light camera capital of the U.S. These videos display anomalies every five to six frames suggesting a foreign video format as the native source. Reviewing the video frame by frame shows irregular vehicle movement and duplicate, missing, and stretched video frame data not detectable during playback speed by the human eye. Change and motion-blindness factors also play in the camera vendor's favor. The federal minimum yellow signal is three seconds, but many citation videos display 2.737 seconds, for example. This may not seem like much, but it's scamming the public.


A Vote for Lame Ducks

Idiots doing their best work ["The Lightbulb World Is Laughing," December 8, 2010]. The City of Cleveland hasn't had a professional as mayor for well over 30 years. We get lame-duck chumps who get elected and then hide for four to eight years. The sad thing is, we have a great city that's mismanaged so badly that it hurts us all. Another sad state of affairs. Well, at least the depopulation of Ohio will keep the traffic down.


Big Guy in the Middle

Cleveland seems to think that LeBron James owes them something ["Brad Daugherty Thinks Cleveland Should Get Over LeBron Already," at the Scene & Heard blog]. Why doesn't Dan Gilbert tell Cleveland how much money he made off LBJ's back? Sore losers — that's what the city of Cleveland is.


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