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Readers sound off on a bad charter school and more

A Charter School in Flames

The Weems sisters have always been full of shit ["The Weems Way," December 29, 2010]. This whole charter school thing was a scam from the beginning to end. I can still recall them as subs at East High School: They were the worst. No teaching was going on. These women were kids trapped in adult bodies.

When I heard that they opened up their own school, I was outraged. I knew some type of mistake had been made, and that a lot of students as well as grown-ups would suffer at the hands of these two crooks.

I don't really feel sorry for their staff, because they sat back and let these sisters take them for a ride. It's the kids who really lost out to this madness.


A Weems Teacher's Wisdom

I had the misfortune of having the Weems School be my first teaching experience after college. It was awful, and I feel so bad for the families who had to be involved in this. I am glad this article has been published.

But I also hope this does not give all charters a bad name. Parents, just be sure to do your homework when looking into an alternative to public schools for your children. I wish I had done more research on Weems before I agreed to work for them.

Rjc North Ridgeville

Make It 11 for '11

I can't believe that Off-Hand isn't in this article ["Ten for '11: Meet the future of Cleveland music," January 5, 2011]. They are one of my favorite local bands. They mix a fresh new sound with a classic rock feel. Their singer sounds like a mix of Morrison and John Kay. Very disappointed they didn't make it in this article.


Aversion to Upscale Soups

WTF is an "upscale soup" ["Carnegie Kitchen and Dining Opening in Old Juniper Grille Spot," from the Scene & Heard blog]? Ah yes, the ever-so-trendy "frites." God I hate foodies. Just make decent, affordable food. Stop trying to be arty-farty about everything. Food fads disappear in a couple years, then guess what? Only the diners that served regular-people food are still around.


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