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Readers sound off on smoking, Dennis Kucinich, and more

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Lighting Up Boehner

Smokers are the rudest and dumbest people in the world ["John Boehner Will Continue Smoking, Thank You Very Much," at the Scene & Heard blog]. Don't ask us to inhale your poison or pay your medical bills. You are addicts, and your excuses are even more irritating.


A Smoker Butts In

Leave everyone alone who chooses to smoke. It's our business — not yours, not an insurance company's, not my doctor's. I pay plenty to enjoy my cigarette and coffee. I can't believe that in some areas, you can't even smoke outside. Some counties and businesses think they own the air we breathe. Please.


Puff Your Way to Health

I'm not a smoker, but my grandmother lived to 93 — and started smoking at 14. It's hilarious, with radon gas in your house, additives in your food, and 90 percent of Ohio slamming alcohol (poison) every game night. I say smoke 'em if you got 'em. Make smoking illegal if you don't like it, then watch every state government crumble from lack of tax dollars.


Back to the Slam

Hasn't history shown that nearly all these kinds of accusations are trumped up and end up hinging on prosecutorial misconduct? ["High Court Rules Nancy Smith and Joseph Allen Must Return to Jail," at the Scene & Heard blog]. When is someone going to examine the prosecutor and get this corrected? Is there an ounce of physical evidence that this even happened?


A World Without Dennis?

Have people already forgotten what Dennis Kucinich has done for the City of Cleveland ["Who Wants Some Dennis?" January 26, 2011]? If it weren't for Dennis, the steel mills would have closed and left this place a ghost town. He saved a lot of jobs, and he will always have my support. I wish he represented my district — he's a great politician.

Gloria Damron

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