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Readers sound off on car break-ins, Governor Kasich, and more

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Crooks Don't Bash Buses

I had my car broken into twice in a matter of a few weeks over by Playhouse Square. ["Get Your Break-Ins Here," February 2, 2011]. I never reported them because they never stole anything — just busted out the rear windows. Probably the same moron twice. I now take RTA.


Violated by Karma

My car got broken into today while I was in class at Cleveland State. Story of my life.


Take Back the City

Maybe the real cause is not where we park our cars, but the trash we tolerate in this city. I feel safer in Chicago at 2 a.m. than any hour in Cleveland. City Hall doesn't have enough money to hire police officers, so we allow the thugs and thieves to live like a scene from Escape From New York.

It's time to take the city back from the pieces of human waste that victimize society. Maybe instead of a Medical Mart, we should build a state-of-the-art prison, so there is a visible reminder rather than a "get out of jail free" card on every corner.

Fed Up in Ohio

Gritty Intellectualism

Governor Kasich: I have been following your career for over 20 years ["Governor Kasich Weighs In on Kelley Williams-Bolar Case," at the Scene & Heard blog]. I sat in on Armed Services Committee hearings in the '80s and admired your grit and intellect. Please demonstrate intelligence tempered with wisdom in this case and not only pardon Ms. Williams-Bolar, but find a way to help her, and in so doing, inspire all of us. You can do it.

Marjorie Hill

The Joke's on Youth

Is this what you want, America ["The Weems Way," December 29, 2010]? Charter schools work so well, don't they? Privately funding schools and backing them with "inspired" CEOs with no education experience would be laughed at in any other field. But in education, it's called "reform." And it has devastating effects on children.

But yeah, you push for these reforms and have fun with the results, America. More stories like these are the reality with charter schools.

Teacher 66

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