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Readers sound off on the death of a soldier

Wrestling Gone Awry

I am writing about that troubling article about the soldier who died at the hands of another soldier — while they were playing ["Fallen Angel," January 26, 2011]? Makes you wonder what the hell they teach them in the military, and I guess what I am really struggling with is whether the soldier who wrestled with Annie Dryden should have his name run up a billboard for all to see. Thanks for the thought-provoking article.

Jo Marie

An Amazing Daughter Lost/p>

No one should ever forget about the men and women who have lost their lives fighting for our country, but bringing up these other "theories" into something that happened over two years ago is doing nothing but causing more pain for Annie Dryden's family and friends. If you want a story, write about the amazing woman Annie was and her accomplishments. I pray for her family and want them to know that Annie was a wonderful person who would have done anything for anyone and is greatly missed every day.


Exploiting the Angel

Why exactly did you write this article? Couldn't these questions you've raised simply go through official channels instead of the media? Or were you just looking for a story and saw a beautiful young woman lost in a tragedy?

I knew Lance Corporal Annie Dryden. I went to school with her. I'm friends with her friends. Did you know her? I'm going to guess no. You and the rest of the media need to drop this. There are real people involved here. No celebrities.

I was in Iraq, in the Marine Corps getting ready to come home. I had talked to her online a few times while we were both there before her death. I had to hear from a friend at home what had occurred. I just happened to be sitting next to a corpsman who worked at the base hospital. The corpsman confirmed the story to me. It was simply an accident. I understand her father's grief, and I spoke with him about it soon after I returned home that November. But the media is not the place to air these concerns, because it causes more grief than necessary for others.

Corporal, USMC, 2002-2010

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