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Readers sound off on teacher sex, the schvitz, and more

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A Pair of Predators

In between theory and student-teaching practicums, colleges ought to start looking at some mandatory ethics and legal courses ["Teacher Accused of Having Sex With Student Gets Two Years in Prison," at the Scene & Heard blog].

Had this been a male teacher, the situation would have been different. But I hardly think a 14-year-old is a "victim" in this instance; it's just as much the boy's responsibility to know right from wrong. The plain and simple fact is that this was more than likely consensual. It's much harder for a female to violate a male than it is for a male to forcibly attack a female. Sorry, folks — that's just biology.


Dad's Version of Justice

This woman — and any man or woman who has sex with an underage person — is a predator. Period. If this whore ever tried that crap with one of my underage sons, I would want her to be thrown under the jail. Anyone who thinks she did something good for this boy is depraved.


Keep It Classy

I did it with my teacher 25 years ago. I knew how to keep my mouth shut, and I got straight A's. I hope this jackass gets the failing grades he deserves.


Another Side to the Schvitz?

The writer left one very important point out of his article: You have to be a member to get into the Schvitz. But the club you have to be a member of is the Caucasian race ["What the Hell Is a Schvitz?" February 23, 2011]. African Americans are not permitted.

One day a friend brought an African American with him to the Schvitz. He was denied entrance, and my friend was told to never come back. How ironic this is: The Schvitz is located in a predominantly African American neighborhood, and it employs an African American to guard the parking lot, but yet will not allow these people into their "club." The Schvitz purports to be an Old World bath and steakhouse, and that it is. But it doesn't need to embrace the prejudices that existed back then too.

Larry in Cleveland Heights

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