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Readers sound off on strippers and more

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No Use for Whores

What? Sexual activity going on in the VIP rooms of strip clubs? I thought all that went on in those rooms was good clean fun ["Akron-Area Strip Club Raided, Real Crime Uncovered," from the Scene & Heard blog].

How dumb do you have to be not to realize that strip joints are nothing but modern-day whorehouses? Nothing good comes from them — they should all be shut down. It's a waste of tax dollars, with regard to law enforcement to arrest the club owners and whores — not to mention the expense of their trials and incarceration.


View From the Stripper Pole

Yes, scandalous things can happen in strip clubs. It's a sexually charged industry that does sometimes allow for things to go a little too far. Generally, though, those kinds of things aren't going on. There are rules, regulations, floor guys, and managers to make sure everything stays fairly legal. In a podunk town where girls are working in an understaffed club, where the managers don't care what happens so long as they are making a buck (they make their money off these girls), they will happily turn a blind eye to the nasty goings-on. Not every place is like that.


Critical Eye

The limited number of local institutions of higher education invited/selected for the 4U show exemplifies Zygote Press' long-standing nepotistic bent ["Save Your Receipt," March 16, 2011]. The reviewer, more of a cheerleader than a critic, should see through these immature curatorial tendencies.


Ode to the Spider Man

I am sad to hear our old friend Martin has left us ["Martin Juredine, Barking Spider Founder, Dead at 66," at the Scene & Heard blog]. He was one of the greatest supporters of singer-songwriters and acoustic music. He was real, he was genuine, and he gave everyone a chance and welcomed us all like good friends. Martin, you will be missed. Long live the Barking Spider, one of Cleveland's greatest all-time music venues.

"Angel" Pam West

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