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Readers sound off on smoking and more

A Smoker's Freedom

To think that your "freedom" as a smoker is more important than the person's "freedom" next to you is just plan ignorant ["No One Is Paying Smoking Ban Fines," at the Scene & Heard blog].

Don't be stupid. There is no question that smoking will kill you and those around you. Be human, not selfish jerks. And if you rely on the myth that the ban drives away customers, think again and look at the bars that are thriving.


Do Superstars Grow Up?

The Decision was a clear failure in the community to properly raise someone with immense talent to handle success ["LeYawn," May 18, 2011].

That being said, at some point people stop being "immature" or a "communal failure" and start being jerks. At some point, you can't give LeBron James a pass because of his upbringing or how he was handled by the Cavs. At some point, he isn't a kid anymore and is able to observe the world around him and be responsible for his own decisions. Has that time come? Maybe, maybe not. But his stupid little thing at the end of the Celtics series clearly shows you that he doesn't fully grasp his situation.


His Guitar Gently Weeps

Tom Evanchuck is bound to be a household name ["Two for the Road," May 18, 2011]. So much talent. Go see him while he is still an up-and-comer, Ohio. He wont be your secret for long.


Death Camp Love

This old man has been besieged the last 30 years of his life for doing a job — likely his very first job, the description of which was not under his control ["John Demjanjuk Convicted for Role in Nazi Camp," at the Scene & Heard blog]. If proximity to crime is enough, the entire population of Germany should have been prosecuted. If proximity to crime is enough, God help us all who've turned our heads away in order not to see this unseemly process slowly grind up an elderly human being so thoroughly that, when his lonely time comes, cremation will be unnecessary.


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