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Readers sound off on Tremont

Chased From Tremont

I lived in Tremont for 11 years because it was centralized and affordable ["Open Season," May 11, 2011]. But Tremont failed to steward me from hand-to-mouth renter into tax-paying property owner. The focus of Tremont leadership is aimed at businesses and transient visitors at the expense of residents.

I understand it is a destination neighborhood, and I applaud that the businesses are doing well. But I have rarely seen a destination neighborhood do such a poor job of ensuring its residents are taken care of. Even in Little Italy, there are designated resident parking spots.

When it became clear that this problem was worsening, I began to ask when resident parking was going to be made available. I did get responses, but they were vague and definitely a blow-off. So I started spending my dollars in neighborhoods that offered parking: Coventry, Cleveland Heights, and Lakewood, in part because friends finally decided that parking in Tremont was too much of a hassle. The end game was that I moved to Lakewood, and now I totally avoid Tremont. And I know I'm not the only disgruntled alum.

The message I received loud and clear for 11 years was that my choice to live in the neighborhood meant far less to those in charge than the choice of all the tourists who come in for one evening. So here is your proof that at least one person left the neighborhood because of parking.

I hope this gets sorted out, but to those still facing these challenges, you have my deepest sympathies. Until you turn a house into a bar, I doubt your voice will be heard.


Bring on the Bars

Some of the actions of people after having a few drinks are disgusting. But you cannot deny the fact that Tremont is hundreds of times better than it used to be even ten years ago. If you want to live in a suburban setting, then move to the suburbs. I welcome even more restaurants to Tremont. Bring more bars, as long as the have some type of artistic integrity.


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