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Readers sound off on flash mobs and WKNR

Flash Mob Flashback

I am one of many people insulted by your article in regard to flash mobs ["Beware of Playful Children," July 20, 2011].

No one is saying that children cannot play and get together for summertime fun, but please do not make us all out to be a bunch of racists with no understanding of what is going on in our communities. These are not your typical get-togethers that a lot of the youngsters in our towns are trying to invoke. Nor are we the only major city having issues with bored, verbally abusive teens.

It is unfortunate, and the resulting responses (e.g., strict curfews in Cleveland Heights) are not the answers. But there needs to be some sense of responsibility from parents. Store owners have enough trouble from the endless recession, let alone to be having their patrons harassed by bored teens hanging outside their shops. Parents are mad because they want their children to roam freely without any supervision, but don't want to accept the responsibility when they get out of hand.

There are so many people who want to work this out and are willing to listen to real suggestions that will better us all, not tear us apart and create more friction. What are you trying to prove by trashing your local communities instead of lending a helpful hand?

Jenna Juredine

Cleveland Heights

WKNR Takes a Punch

I love local sports talk on my radio, but I don't like the condescending way WKNR has been treating its "monopoly" for years ["CBS Radio Changing 92.3 FM to Sports Talk," at the Scene & Heard blog]. The hosts all pretty much suck and treat callers like shit. They treat the station like a national show and just ramble & repeat themselves over and over.


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