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Readers sound off on Michael Symon and more

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That One Other Problem

The lawyer-author of Cuyahoga County's new charter conveniently left unchanged one of the biggest problem offices of county government: the county prosecutor ["What the County Charter Got Wrong," September 14, 2011]. In order to alleviate the political problems associated with this office, the prosecutor needs to be elected on a non-partisan, term-limited basis. Two four-year terms ought to be enough for anyone to enforce the county's laws before they become part of the problem.

If it weren't as politically corrupted an office as it is, we would have had Frank Russo behind bars a decade ago. This reform should be on the top of the list of changes to the county charter.

David Ellison

former Green Party candidate for county executive

Chew on This

If I want to watch food shows, I go to the Food Network ["Michael Symon's The Chew Hammered by Critics," at the Scene & Heard blog]. Duh! I'm amazed that 41 years of successful TV — All My Children — has been replaced with something so stupid.

Southern Girl

Iron Lungs

Why does Michael Symon keep giggling like a 12- year-old who's just seen a naked girl for the first time? He can't utter a sentence without bursting out in hysterical laughter. What a turnoff. Get this guy off the show or viewers will quickly fade away.

Douglas Ury

Eating It Up

I love The Chew and all the people on it! I am a great cook, but I still love the info I get from this show. Give these guys a break: It is a new show. They will get there. Stay-at-home moms, professional cooks, wannabe cooks, and beginnner cooks all can take something away from it. To the Chew crew: Praying for success for you! Keep rockin' it!

Stacey Conner Triplett

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