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Readers sound off on the PD union fight and more

One Thing Never Changes

The unfortunate reality is that the geniuses behind the Med Mart project have never particularly cared whether or not it worked ["Med Mart Version 2.0," September 28, 2011]. Whether the facility is profitable — or even useful — is irrelevant to the Greater Cleveland Partnership, Positively Cleveland, and their corporate enablers.

Their only priorities had to do with what investment bankers and law firms would get the deal to float the bond issue, who would broker the deal for land acquisition (for a healthy commission), and who the contractors and vendors would be. The fact that a few hundred construction workers would be on the project for a couple years was the real extent of their "vision" for the project.

The only "economic development" these clowns care about is developing the economies of the developers, lawyers, and other transaction processors to whose sticky fingers that $800 million might adhere. Once the thing is built, it's somebody else's problem. This egregious arrogance is what passes for leadership in Corporate Cuyahoga County ... and shaking up a few elected officials will do nothing to clean it up.


When Enough Is Enough

I can't imagine why anyone who isn't rich would belittle workers fighting for better wages ["Labor Wars: Weenie Edition," in Scene & Heard, October 13, 2011]. The unionized newsroom workforce — the heart and soul of The Plain Dealer — for years has dealt with deep wage cuts and crises in its underfunded health-care and pension plans (we accrue no retirement benefit of any kind from the employer).

Our union's members are middle class. Many struggle to pay their bills. We stand with millions of other Americans who are asking multibillion-dollar corporations to share some of the wealth.

Harlan Spector

Newspaper Guild Local 1

Small World of Options

When these immature tactics by The Plain Dealer newsroom union fail, where will these people go? Exactly how many newspapers are there in Ohio — or anywhere else, for that matter? And how many of them are understaffed?

Better wake up, you guys — before the union prices you right out of the market!

High Roller

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