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Readers sound off on toys and cheese

Vintage Form

I've read plenty of Scene articles about local characters and lawsuits over the years, but since "Retro Ruckus" [October 5, 2011] was about the vintage store Suite Lorain — a place and people I know firsthand — I really ate it up. I enjoyed the subject matter and thought the writing was thorough yet concise.

I knew that Redwin Lewis had bought Suite Lorain; I met him once, just after the changeover. The new Sweet Lorain felt familiar, but a little strange. Even as months passed, I still found myself wondering how the change in ownership had happened. Your article provided all the answers I wanted and more. Wild!

The situation seems pretty grim, but here's hoping things turn in a more positive direction. However you spell it, Suite Lorain is an institution. Thanks very much for the great read.

Katie Moore

The Toy Shop Swindler

It's a shame you can't run a business without worrying about who has their hand in the till. Big Fun's Steve Presser was forgiving of Redwin Lewis, but he paid a price for it. We all pay a price when this happens.

C. Wilson

Cheese Stands Alone

How fitting that the demise of Vegiterranean — the all-healthy Akron restaurant of rocker Chrissie Hynde — ends up on the same page with news of the expansion of the cholesterol-laden, artery-busting fare of Melt Bar & Grilled ["Cheese Whizzes," October 5, 2011].

Melt gets awards for its politically incorrect menu offerings (true, they are too tempting for words!), while Vegiterranean (which should have been beloved for delivering meals the world claims it wants) succumbs to indifference. What's wrong with this picture? Is Ohio a metaphor for the obese and the poor of health?

Stuff yourselves silly, but don't be hypocritical when you claim a need for health-conscious fare. You have to back the ones you really want.

Joe Garrison

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