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Readers sound off on Occupy Cleveland and Zanesville

A Word From an Occupier

I was going to be one of those arrested until Occupy Cleveland told me that it would be a danger to my health, as I have a chronic neurological condition ["Adventures in Occupation: Protester arrests were orchestrated; sleeping now forbidden," October 26, 2011].

At an earlier meeting, we got into groups according to who were willing and not willing to get arrested. They were instructed on how to be arrested without getting hurt. If that is what is meant by choreographed, then yeah, it was, but there were no police involved. We practiced yelling to alert everyone when the police would arrive at the protest. It was not choreographed with the police. It was worked out with the Occupiers on how to safely, non-violently protest.


A Word From the 1 Percent

Occupy Cleveland is starting to look more like a bunch of stoners playing hackey sack than a protest. Don't they have midterms soon or papers due?


Dead Lions & Tigers & Bears

Jesus Christ. All people would have had to do is stay in their stupid houses for a day [Photo: "The Exotic Animal Body Count," from the Scene & Heard blog]. A bear that's been in captivity would be scared and hiding in the woods, not Hulk-smashing through someone's front door in a fit of rage. There was no need for this.


Blame the Dead Guy

It's amazing how many folks think tranquilizing the loose animals in Zanesville was even an option. Do you think a sheriff's department in the middle of Ohio should have the appropriate equipment, sedatives, and training to equip dozens of officers to sedate wild animals from Africa in the dark? It's not like they killed anything that wasn't roaming free. The blame belongs with the nutjob who released the animals and killed himself. Nowhere else.


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