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Readers sound off on felon forgiveness

Selective Forgiveness

Felons are not forgiven in America, unless of course they are rich, famous, or politically connected ["Meet the Competition," October 26, 2011]. This has to change — especially for men and women convicted of non-violent crimes. At this point, I'd prefer to meet the competition in an unemployment line than roaming downtown Cleveland, being hit up for spare change.

As for released felon Michael Brown: I pray you find a job that pays grown-man wages, and that your employer respects you for who you are — not who you were — and what you bring to the table at this point in your life. May God's face shine upon you always.


What More Can Be Done?

People do change, and those felons who do not take a life, prey upon the young and elderly, or go around raping others should be allowed to contribute to a better society. They need jobs to take care of their families — hell, they need jobs to take care of themselves, so that they don't become a burden on society. We need to take a good look at how things are being done to those who are released from our prisons.


They're Coming for Us

I like good satire, but this zombie crap has gotten out of control ["Zombie Attack Helps Ohio Authorities Practice Response," at the Scene & Heard blog]. Let's move on to something more probable, like giant ghost alien Terminators from Venus.


The Lakewood Way

Wouldn't all of this effort by Lakewood be better directed at the Section 8 home owners who seem to dot the city with increasing frequency — and the criminal behavior that's become a growing problem ["Lakewood Lady Ripped by the City for Restoring Century Home," October 12, 2011]? Lakewood has a lot of bigger issues to deal with than harassing homeowners who are trying to follow the law.


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