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Readers sound off on Occupy Cleveland and free WiFi

Dear Occupy Morons ...

My stock answer to the "Occupy" morons: No, you are not the "99 percent." Of anything. ["11 Arrested at Occupy Cleveland," from the Scene & Heard blog]. You're a hell of a lot better off than the generations of Americans who built and protected this country through mass immigration in the 19th century and two world wars. You've got it made compared to your grandparents and great-grandparents.

Instead of doing what it takes to get your lives together and work for what you want, you're too busy wallowing in self-pity. Thank gawd this country didn't have to depend on assclowns like you during the last 235 years of its history. It's bad enough you're going to be part of its future.

Work ethic and personal respon-sibility start at home. When parents don't tell Big Government to mind its own fucking business and stick to doing its job of following the Constitution, the result is what you see at the "Occupy Wall Street" circus.

The hacks in the left-wing media may adore these scumbags, but the rest of America hasn't developed a taste for lazy, unwashed derelicts whose idea of "activism" is trashing their communities with vandalism and screaming incoherent obscenities at the "establishment."

Sfc Mac

A Good Reason to Love WiFi

I use Ward 13's WiFi on my iPod and it works very well for my purposes ["Ward Wide Web," October 19, 2011]. The naysayers are the usual negative nabobs and the privatize-everything crowd.

Time Warner and AT&T are among those dead-set against free public access to the internet, and in many cities that are trying to do the same thing as Cleveland's Ward 13, there has been vigorous opposition by these private, for-profit interests.

There should be more free public access to the internet. It is a wise investment to have an informed and connected population.


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