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Readers can't stop talking about Occupy Cleveland

A Better Life Than Grandpa's

In response to Sfc Mac's letter "Dear Occupy Morons" [Feedback, November 23, 2011]: I don't doubt that our grandparents and great-grandparents worked harder for less and suffered a miserable life compared to ours now. Among other things, the working conditions were brutal while the majority of Americans lived in poverty and illiteracy so a tiny portion of Americans could have the lives of pharaohs and kings.

But that's the problem. I don't want life to be that way again. I can only guess that you have a well-paying job that you are not worried about losing. The fact is, the Occupy Wall Street movement that you refer to as "the lazy, unwashed derelicts" are fighting night and day to keep people from living the dismal lives of past generations who you pretend to have so much respect for now.

Steve Bellman


Why They Occupy

I'm not sure if Sfc Mac is a Reagan Democrat or just a plain old stupid hillbilly. Either way, he belongs to a large group of people who continually vote against their economic interest because Maw or Paw told them to.

The Occupy movement is composed of people from all political stripes. They are protesting for something that used to be considered a value of this country: Fairness. Mr. Sfc, you and your hillbilly whores have spewed their political bullshit for far too long. Either apologize and join the movement or get lost in a bottle of moonshine.

Joe Bialek

Activism, Meet Racism

"Morons" is not the only word for Occupy Cleveland. Its real flaw is looking 99 percent white and camping out recently in a West Side white Cleveland neighborhood as a publicity stunt — but not camping in any East Side black neighborhoods. No wonder Cleveland blacks recently formed "Occupy the Hood." They feel slighted by white Occupy Cleveland.

Stop racism

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