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Readers sound off on Frank Jackson, Pittsburgh, and more

Envious Eyes on Pittsburgh

If Cleveland and Cuyahoga County had any brains, they would have used this opportunity of the economic downturn to start investing in things like the lakeshore ["Wet Dreams: The mayor's lakefront plan is lacking in just one crucial way," November 23, 2011].

One of the things I admire about Pittsburgh is the fact that it weathered the recession a lot better than this region did. The smart thing to do would be to invest in infrastructure and partner with other cities to make this region more mobile, with other transportation options to get people to come to the city and enjoy its amenities.

I'm so tired of the NIMBY attitude. We need more mobility, more investment, and a consolidated form of government. Then maybe, just maybe, more things would get done!

Melvin Wilson

Frank Jackson's Good Side

Cleveland is a perfect representation of what happens when Democrats are in total control of everything: The businesses all leave, the wealthy invest somewhere else, the poor live like kings (note the new townhomes on Central Avenue, with water parks, childcare, and computer centers to open in a few months, paid for with money borrowed from China). I get that if the GOP were in control, we would have filthy water, dictators for leaders, and the rich would be getting all of the money instead of the poor. Semantics, my friends.

The good news is that the FBI slammed everyone who was corrupt, which means we still have someone honest out there; we still have some representation and some hope for change. Frank Jackson is an attorney and honest, so while a little light on the public-speaking side, he is bright enough to run this city.


The Clinic Sees No Evil

It's unimaginable to me that Cleveland Clinic — which routinely rents floors to Saudi royalty and staff — could not at least write off the bills that were caused by Chris Schade's horrible situation ["No Guts, No Glory," November 16, 2011]. The doctor who did the colonoscopy sent her home and had no idea her colon was perforated? How can this be acceptable?

Your story was well-written, accurate, and compelling. I hope it causes someone at the Clinic to cowboy up and pay their damn medical bills.

Robin Ratliff Byrne

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