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Readers sound off on local radio and beer

Drink Up or Shut Up

Distributor strong-arm tactics? No, it's brand loyalty ["Christmas Ale Cabal," December 7, 2011]. Why should these cherrypicking bars get access to the most demanded product when they don't push the Great Lakes brand the rest of the year? If you want the golden eggs, feed the fucking goose. By the way, Christmas Ale tastes like clown piss.


Free-Market Smartass

What an outrage. Wait till Sam Walton and Marc Glassman hear about this travesty to the American business environment. They will surely protect us from these evildoers. We should all rise up and fight for the rights of these lowly bar proprietors. Clearly, Great Lakes is nefariously plotting against us and our wallets. Occupy Market Avenue!


Blaspheming Great Lakes

I own a bar, and I can tell you the problem is not with Superior Beverage at all. I only have Christmas Ale from Great Lakes, and Great Lakes are the people who threw the shit-fit that I didn't have anything else from them. It's all garbage anyway. Drink whiskey.

Bring back reingold

The End of Local Radio. Again

I was in the music industry for years ["V107.3 to Return to Snooze Music Format," at the Scene & Heard blog]. I am a Cleveland-based boy and proud of it, and I was happy to hear a new and kick-ass playlist at V107. I had pride again in radio here. I was telling colleagues all over the U.S. and elsewhere that there is some hope. Now that is done, over.

Mark O'Shea

Kenny G Rock Block, Anyone?

Commercial radio in Cleveland fucking sucks. Thank God we have some of the best college radio in the U.S.

WMMS? White-trash constipation "post-grunge" rock. No thanks.

WNCX? The same old fucking 40 songs by Foreigner and Night Ranger and Journey. Yuck. No thanks.


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