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Readers sound off on Ohio City and things that didn't suck

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The Other Ohio City

Just when Ohio City is turning the corner, our councilmen, Joe Cimperman and Matt Zone, along with Ohio City Inc., are behind the scenes putting in a homeless shelter — sorry, permanent housing structure — for 50 residents in the old Hollywood Video location at Fulton & Lorain, in an area already saturated with homeless shelters and feeding kitchens ["2011: Things That Did Not Suck," December 28, 2011]. And they were actually at the recent promote-Lorain meeting, which had a great neighborhood turnout. And funny thing: They failed to mention this project. Kudos to them!

Steven Gordnoshnka

Still Love That Glove

I enjoyed "Things That Did Not Suck," especially the humor. I gotta say, though, that Jim Thome didn't exactly leave here with class, as far as I'm concerned. He went LeBron James before we knew it as such. I suppose you could say he went Carlos Boozer on us. Regardless, although I cheered on most of these great moments in Cleveland in 2011, the return of Thome was not one of them. Bring back Omar Vizquel!

Connor Walters

Samson & Karamu

Although "Dark Days for the Black Arts" [December 14, 2011] focused on the High Noon gunfight between Gregory Ashe and Terrence Spivey, the real issue here is how to preserve a legendary theater and a venerable institution's other wonderful services. There will always be sparks and fireworks when spirited and dedicated people work together. Ashe and Spivey are the two columns supporting Karamu, and the board of trustees must support this vital collaboration. Without it, the board becomes Samson, tearing these professionals apart and bringing the roof crashing down on everyone. In art, as in life, clarity solves many foggy storms.

Martin Cosentino,

Managing Director

Ensemble Theatre of Cleveland

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