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Readers sound off on Fitz, Symon, and Fracking

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Michael Symon in Diapers

It has been an interesting year of food in Cleveland mostly because it has been so misrepresented by Scene and its favored reviewers ["Order Up: 2011 was a fine time to be hungry in Cleveland," December 28, 2011]. Based on the past year's food articles by Scene, you'd think that the only successful restaurants in Cleveland were owned by Sam McNulty (Market Garden Brewery), Alan Glazen (ABC, XYZ), and Jonathon Sawyer (Greehouse Tavern, Noodlecat). Thank God they saved the city's food scene!

Anyone notice that Scene has had the same restaurant reviewers since Zack Bruell had his first restaurant 30 some years ago, when Mike Symon was still in diapers, and Marlin Kaplan was honing his bad-management skills at Lira?

Time for some new blood, Scene Magazine. Six hundred new restaurants opened in Northeast Ohio in the past two years.


Editor's note: Melt had a good 2011 too.

A Scandal for Fitz

No mention that Ed FitzGerald is Public Official 14 on federal subpoenas ["One Down: Cleaning up the county doesn't happen overnight, but Ed FitzGerald's first year offers hope," December 21, 2011]? Understandable that The Plain Dealer carries this guy's water, but Scene is supposed to be the alternative weekly. Wonder if any calls have been made to FitzGerald's former co-workers begging them not to make him testify.

Under 80

Ohio's Fracked Up

Dohh! So we knew all along there were risks to this ["Mother Nature's PR Stunt: Earthquakes bolster claims that fracking ain't going to end well," January 4, 2012]. But why does Ohio have to take all the risks? There have got to be better ways to create jobs than to destroy your fracking land, your fracking house, and your fracking environment!

Joe Garrison

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