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Readers sound off on Tony Grossi and 19 Action News

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Just Try to Win, Baby

Tony Grossi should be thanked for finally speaking up about the Browns ["Tony Grossi Calls Randy Lerner 'Pathetic' and 'Irrelevant Billionaire' in Now-Deleted Tweet," at the Scene & Heard blog]. It's about time someone had the balls to say something about this travesty.

These big-name people — Mike Holmgren, Tom Heckert — have been paid millions of dollars for the Cleveland Browns to become the laughingstock of football. They are stealing money from a guy that has plenty to go around.

Cleveland is a town made of many different types of people who really love sports and have always loved the Browns. We don't need to win all the time, but we do need to try to win all the time. Someone explain that to these geniuses, and you will once again enjoy sports in this town.

Greg Zimmer

Pittsburgh-Style Reporting

I've been wondering when Grossi would get booted. I moved to Cleveland in '92 and started reading The PD sports soon after. Since I lived through the poor performances of the Packers through the '70s and '80s, I had firsthand experience how Browns fans felt. However, at some point, a beat reporter should use his access to the team to create a positive outlook and hope for the future. I believe, with Holmgren and Heckert in place, the attitude and performance will change. In the meantime, the fans of Cleveland deserve better reporting than what they might see in a Pittsburgh newspaper. Good luck and good riddance.

Brian Gresch

Puppet Regime

This is what "news" has become ... very sad ["Channel 19's 'Puppet Court' is a National News Story Now," at the Scene & Heard blog]. But then again, 19 news is something I can't watch. It's supposed to be reporting the news ... not telling me how they feel about each story with a snarky comment or stupid headline or eyeroll. They can go away now.


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