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Readers sound off on Beefcakes, Fausto and more

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Remembering Beefcakes

Kyle Swenson and Scene were good to Scott Bickel ["A Farewell to Beefcakes," January 18, 2012]. He was an amazing man, a good friend, and a champion to us all. Thank you for believing in Scotty, and thank you, Scott Bickel, for being the incredible guy you were. The Pursuit of Happiness Is the Ultimate Life Adventure! — Scott Bickel

Oliver Ogre Gemmel

Pitcher's Got a Rubber ID

I understand why Fausto Carmona did what he did, but it's still absolute BS ["Apparently Fausto Carmona Isn't Really Fausto Carmona," at the Scene & Heard blog at clevescene.com]. Since the team picked up his option, he's made something like $22 million over the course of his career now. A 28-year-old struggling pitcher is just having some problems, but a 31-year-old pitcher doing the same thing raises very different alarms.

It's a very good thing that Carmona didn't find out the Indians were lying to him for the last how many years. I'm sure he'd throw a temper tantrum and demand more money immediately. Ironically, Carmona sitting in jail improved the Indians' pitching staff. Congratulations to the Tribe on finally making a big splash in the offseason!

Adam Hall

What Were We Smoking?

CORRECTION: In the February 1 Scene & Heard column, the Ohio Medical Cannabis Act was incorrectly cited as allowing for 7 ounces of pot per person. Although a previous version of the proposed constitutional amendment limited the legal amount, the version recently approved by the Ohio Attorney General does not. The amendment that may go before voters states: "Eligible residents shall have the right to use medical cannabis to alleviate their suffering and to possess an amount of medical cannabis sufficient to meet their medical needs." Sorry 'bout that.

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