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Readers sound off on Randy Lerner and more

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Winners Who Lose a Lot

The Lerner family is a class act, Browns fans ["The Custodian," February 1]. Believe it or not, Randy Lerner wants the Browns to be champions as much as — maybe even more than — any of us. Keep this in mind: There are four teams in the NFL that have never been to a Super Bowl. New Orleans went and won. Just because the Browns have never been doesn't mean that they have not won NFL championships. Our day will come again.

RJ Young

Feeling Randy

It's good for Lerner to be in the public eye a little more. From what I've heard, he's always been a classy guy who truly cares about the team, and articles and interviews such as this give a great look into his thinking and his life. Even the fact that he doesn't want to be in the public eye and is starting to do that anyway says a ton about him.

Adam Hall

...Or Maybe We're Hopeless

This story doesn't change my opinion of Randy Lerner at all. He's the head loser of a pathetic organization with no hope in sight and a terrible head coach.

Jim Kamlowsky

Winger Fan Club Newsletter

Kip Winger is sincere in his love of classical music and composition ["When Hair Metal Grows Up," February 1]. In the face of defeat and ridicule, he has managed to redefine himself as a purveyor of a musical genre that is thought of as heavy metal's polar opposite.

Pop-culture critics could try a 180 themselves by writing an educated, articulate, and thoughtful piece, rather than spewing this kind of snarky wannabe journalism.


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