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Readers sound off on the death of Daniel Ficker and more

The Shooting of Dan Ficker

Anytime there is an incident involving alleged police wrongdoing, the police close ranks around the officers involved ["Out of Bounds," February 15]. It is horrific what happened to Dan Ficker that day. I am mortified that we live in a country where an off-duty cop has license to cross jurisdictional lines with an on-duty cop at midnight on a holiday to "investigate" the possible theft of some jewelry. That should never happen — least of all when they do not notify the local PD they are coming.

I do not know what happened that night or whether the shooting was justified. But that does not change the fact they should not have been there in the first place.


Sniffing the BS

A police taser that had no effect? That sounds like BS to me. Crossing jurisdictional lines while off duty and being involved in a shooting sounds even more like BS. Police in this area get away with murder on a consistent basis. There are really good officers, and it's a tough job. But being a cop isn't a license for murder, no matter what the circumstances are.

Nathaniel Stringer

Penal Justice

I hope officers Mindek and Craska are making peace with their families. If there's any justice, they will both end up in prison, being rented out nightly for cigarettes and candy bars.

Chuck Burger

A Town Breathes Its Last

That's right, Rethuglicans: There's no extra money out there that is being wasted ["Small Ohio Town Prepares to Turn Off the Lights for Good," at the Scene & Heard blog]. That money being cut from the state's budget is money that goes to police and fire protection, education, highway and bridge repair — useful stuff like that.


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