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Readers sound off on Sam McNulty, Barley House, and more

Street Sign of the Apocalypse

West 25th has basically already become the new West Sixth, and we have Sam McNulty to thank for a large part of that ["Plans for West 25th Street Lead to Fears It's Going to Hell," February 22]. So, it's a bit ironic that he would be complaining about a newcomer.

I am grateful for development, but West 25th is not a street where I choose to be on a Friday or Saturday night. When I saw a girl crouch down on the sidewalk to tinkle in her four-inch heels, I knew we were done for.


Everyone Loves Barley House

It's a shame that Sam McNulty feels the need to speak poorly about other establishments. Barley House is successful, and regardless of what a pathetic person has to say, everyone that goes there enjoys themselves, and that is why it has remained a favorite spot. Who cares if it's not blaring Irish music and it's a nightclub? Clearly, that's what people want or they wouldn't be coming back. So McNulty can shove it.

Brittany Marie Tellings

Warding Off Punch Palaces

Sam McNulty is all good in my book, and if he's concerned, so am I. He pioneered West 25th as an entertainment destination, and we at the ABC are appreciative of his efforts. I'm glad he spoke up — you can never be too vigilant when it comes to these matters. Truly, the last thing we need is another bar; we need to round off the street and make sure it serves all.


All Mobs Are Good Mobs

Cash mobs are a great way to support local businesses ["Original Mobster," February 22]. I disagree though that Occupy using the cash mob idea is a bad thing. Small, locally owned businesses are the 99 percent, and big boxes are the 1 percent. Makes perfect sense that Occupy is using cash mobs, and if it is supporting small locally owned businesses, what's the difference as to who is organizing them?

Joe Brusky

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