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Readers sound off on Buckeye fans and more

Suck It, Columbus

I have been to Columbus many times, and you know what? It is a boring town filled with boringness ["Cracking the Bucknut: How Ohio State fans came to be so obnoxious, and who we should blame for it," March 14]. It is White Bread Land. And all they have is Buckeye football. That, in a nutshell, is why Buckeye fans are so obnoxious. It is all about an inferiority complex.

I live in Los Angeles now, and I can still say that Cleveland at least has some world-class culture. Ever been to the Columbus Art Museum? It would fit in one wing of the Cleveland Museum of Art with room to spare. It irritates me to hear the "O-H-I-O" chant or the stupid "Sloopy" song at Browns games. Keep your Buckeye crap in Columbus. This is Browns Town!


If You Can't Beat 'Em ... Uh ...

I live in Cleveland and graduated from Kent. I'm from Northeast Ohio, and I bleed scarlet and gray. I am a huge fan of the Ohio State University, but I am not a Bucknut. Douchebag Buckeye fans with no perspective need to be singled out and beaten until they understand rational vs. irrational.


Idiot Fans in Abundance

The author clearly is as myopic as the claims he makes about Ohio State fans. Most big-time programs have their fair share of the same thing. Ever spent any time in the South? I guess since this guy hasn't seen it, it doesn't exist. Lucky for humanity, everyone isn't so stupid.

Rob Yeichner

Keep Our Health Food Local

I am tired of chain stores pushing their way into areas already well served by locally owned stores ["The West Side's Health Food Surplus," February 22]. I will continue to support Nature's Bin: They have knowledgeable staff, great food and customer service, and good prices. I like my dollars to support our community 100 percent.

Julie Weir

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