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Readers sound off on the Rock Hall inductions

Rock Hall Hatchet Job

I hope nobody from outside of Cleveland read your Wikipedia-style synopsis of the Rock Hall inductees ["The Class of 2012," April 11]. I also hope Scene editors do not allow Michael Gallucci to write about anything other than high school band prom reviews in the future. These are Hall of Fame inductees. What a lame synopsis. Especially the Chili Peppers. It was almost like Gallucci was making fun of them. Many pertinent facts should have been articulated (not just about RHCP, but all the artists he wrote about). I don't blame Gallucci. I blame Scene editors. You don't send in a Class AA writer to handle the big-game reporting. This was horrible stuff.

Mike Crossen


Ripping Dead Rockers

I enjoyed Chris Parker's article "Let the Bar Wars Begin" [April 11]. I also wanted to thank you for mentioning Thin Lizzy as a band worth griping over for Rock Hall inclusion. Thin Lizzy is one of my favorite bands ever, and they've always been woefully underappreciated here in America. Who knows, maybe one day they'll get there ... yeah, right. Nothing says rock & roll like Laura Nyro, eh?

Mario Becerra

Don't Forget the Motor City

Possibly the most important hard rock, pre-metal, and pre-punk band with attitude was the MC5. The list of past and future inductees influenced by this band is a long one. Here's hoping that some day the establishment — the Rock Hall — will honor a group that took on the challenge and paid for it. Long live the "five."


Jimi and La Cave

Thank you for mentioning LaCave & Stan Kain in your key events list ["The Cleveland Rock History of the World," April 11]. It's always interesting to see the legend perpetuated. Inaccurate? Yes. Jimi Hendrix never came to LaCave.

I was starting law school in 1967 when attorney Nelson Karl, LaCave's principal owner, and Stan hired me to take over the club. I was the one who had to decide to close it in June 1969.

So I booked all the acts in its last years, including the weekends when the Velvet Underground came from New York City to their "home away from home." And I twice booked Neil Young, while Stan had to serve bogus prison time. Peace.

Larry Bruner

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