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Attack of the Animal Lovers

Mr. Grzegorek: The only thing that is "whackadoodle" about this gentleman's interview is your coverage of it! ["United States Zoological Association President Thinks Zanesville Exotic Animal Owner Was Murdered in a Conspiracy," at the Scene & Heard blog.]

Joe Schreibvogel alleges that a conspiracy involving murder, the slaughter of animals, the criminal involvement of law enforcement officials, and defrauding of the citizens of Ohio has occurred, and the best that you can come up with is clever name calling?! I hope that Scene Magazine can get a skilled reporter on this case, because I want to know more about what this man has to say. Scene should send its "whackadoodle" reporters like you to cover bake sales and water aerobics classes.

Janice Metzger

The Vegan Conspiracy

People have no idea what is going on with these exotic animal bans. They are being pushed by PETA and the Humane Society of the United States, two groups with vegan presidents who believe no one should own any pets at all — no dogs or cats, no livestock, no exotics, because these animals are slaves to humans and should be free. They believe no one should eat meat because it is murder of a fellow being. They have done a real good job at fooling people with the ads on TV that they are saving dogs and cats, then they turn around and use the money to promote their vegan lifestyle and pass laws to ban pets and to hurt the farmers so there will be no meat to eat.

Ohio passed a law to protect farm animals from these people just last year. These vegan groups are not what you think they are. They support the Animal Liberation Front and are known terrorists to the FBI. Ohio has had two exotic animal owners killed in the last year, and both were made out to look like crazy sex perverts — and that was no accident. These animal bans need to stop, and Ohio and other states need a law to protect the animals and owners from these crazy vegans.

Jim Howd


David Hansen You know who else hated Chief Wahoo? HITLER.

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