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Readers sound off on Chief Wahoo and more

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Green With Prejudice

I will support the call to end Wahoo's reign as Chief of the Tribe as soon as you rail against that pugilistic leprechaun in South Bend ["The Curse of Chief Wahoo," April 25]. Sure'n Notre Dame's usage of such a wee animated caricature is offensive to many Irish Catholics in America.

As a child, I often wondered if I would ever grow to be tall or if I'd have to fight all the time in the schoolyard. I still lament that I cannot grow a snazzy red beard, and I have never been able to find those curly-toed shoes in a size 14EE.

Kevin McCarthy Sr.

Winning Cures All Ills

Chief Wahoo and the Indians name has always been racist, and it's a blight on Cleveland so long as it remains. Change the name, change the mascot, and join the 21st century. It would take all of two minutes, and any firestorm would blow over in a month ... or whenever the new team started winning.

Jason Austin

My Wife the Enabler

Years ago at the old stadium, I asked a Wahoo demonstrator to sell me his "Chicago Jews" shirt. I told him, truthfully, that I am not only from Chicago, but also Jewish. He refused. I told him he needed to grow a thicker skin and walked away. Twenty years later, I still feel the same way. I told my wife about the shirt. Bless her, she had one custom-made for my birthday.

Chuckles the Clown

Unionized Boondoggle

The nearly worthless $900 million (including interest) Medical Mart — paid for by the unvoted county sales tax increase by corrupt Democrat politicians who belong in prison — should be stopped by the FBI phonies who ignore it or by Occupy Cleveland's slackers finally getting serious and occupying the site. But they won't, because they and allied unions constructing this make-work monstrosity protect the corrupt Democratic Party, which unions fund.

Medical Mart = Big Corruption

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