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Readers sound off on Nugent, radio, and more

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Nuge Scratch Fever

I just finished your Nugent interview ["Motor City Madman," June 27]. He talks a lot of shit about freedom, gun control, and other American ideals. Are you aware that he is a draft dodger? When his number came up in the wee early 1970s, he went to the draft board and faked mental illness (he showed up filthy and smelling like excrement and urine), so the board waived his notice. And, to top it off, he had the disrespect to gloat about it in an interview many years later.

I was a fan a long time (I'm an ancient 52) until in 1999 I went to see Kiss and he was the opening act.

Now, this was Kiss' return to full make-up/big stage show and the place was full of young kids who were brought by Kiss Army parents. My brother and I brought his two, 9 and 10, and mine, 7 and 10.

Ol' Teddy had the worst potty mouth I ever heard. He kept telling Janet Reno to "suck my cock," and he wanted to "fuck her in the ass," etc.

I thought, "C'mon Ted, this place is full of little kids, tone it down some." But, away he went and spit this stuff out over and over. What a dickhead. Big time hunter, my ass.

Steve Wallace

Crystal Ball Radio

The new Nickleback station ["Another New Rock Station Coming to Cleveland," at the Scene & Heard blog] not only sucks ass, but doesn't even come in as good as Akron stations ... how is this a CLE station again? For the town that rock built, we're a complete embarrassment, because we don't stay cutting edge. What this guy says is great, but will he end up playing "Gimme Three Steps" and talking to people at 4H meetings?

Lily J. Cunningham

Save Us, Someone?

Wishing him luck [in response to "Another New Rock Station Coming to Cleveland"]. God knows anything different in the vast land of radio suckage would be welcome. He is right, nothing is local anymore and that alone should make people happy.

l bgrrrl

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