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Readers sound off on puppies, Nugent, and more

How About an Extended Warranty?

I read your article on the [puppy] mills [June 21, 2010]. Ervin Raber says that the public would not be fooled into getting an unhealthy product, yet everyday they do even right here in Cleveland. One lady was on TV a while back. She had spent an inordinate amount of money trying to save her puppy that had just died. Of course one of our talking-head city councilmen promised this would be stopped in Cleveland. She said there was a better warranty with a toaster from Walmart. She was right. Large veterinarian clinics such as Gateway or even some of the specialty clinics see these dogs. Mary Shaver from the group to ban the dog auction had eight dogs saved from the auction yesterday and all eight are sick. So much for good "product." You can't believe Raber. There was a Kentucky station that did an exposé on the auction. They took out six that were given a 15-second exam by the vet the Amish use and all six had something wrong. They had set up an appointment with a vet outside of Holmes County prior to going to the auction. While the crew was filming, Raber was outside threatening the crew and shoving them. Not a nice man.

Linda Swanson

Bachelor's of Defense

I guess it's easier to get a cheap laugh at CSU's expense ["Quality of Life, "July 4] than to acknowledge the fact that the university has injected life into a previously dead corner of downtown or that more and more strong students are making it their school of choice. One thing I hate about Cleveland is the enthusiasm with which we shit on any person or organization trying to improve the city. ROThornill

Home of the #%&$* Brave

I just read the Feedback letter on Nugent's interview in the July 4 Scene and would like to return some gunfire in Ted's defense. This person has the audacity to mention Nugent's opening act for a Kiss concert in 1999 where he and his friend brought their children under the age of 11 and complained about Ted's potty mouth. I would like to know what moron brings little kids to a KISS concert in the first place. Second, this is the land of the free, and as a parent you should explain potty mouths vs. clean mouths and have the child choose.

Sheila Garcowski

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