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Readers sound off on the West Side Market and more

Hands Off My

Tomatoes, Man

It's time for the city to relinquish control of the market ["Going the Distance," July 25, 2012]. The West Side Market is now 100 years old no thanks to the city of Cleveland in any way. Let the Tenant's Association run things. They obviously know how to run things and know that the market can't exist as a 7-days-per-week operation. The city just wants to push them as far as possible to make more money. What they don't understand is that, as noted, many if not all vendors work every day of the week to be able to provide product four days in a week. The market and the city itself could grow much faster if the government would just agree to unleash the vice grip it has on its assets. City of Cleveland, you can still own the market, just let the experts manage it.


So, a Hippie Commune?

Molly Murray's solution — a cooperative arcade stand supplied and staffed by a rotating group of local producers — is doable and efficient. This could represent a better return for some, especially for microproducers, while providing marketing support for the existing network of neighborhood farmers' markets. Mati Senerchia

The Bargain Aisle

Rotten produce from shady vendors are enough to make me shop elsewhere. I am tired of paying for produce that is of worse quality than Marc's.

Cosmos Human

Get On This Guy's Level

As I look at stock behind any bar, I can't help wonder why 70 percent or better is vodka, 15 percent tequila, eight percent rum, with the balance scotch and bourbon ["Facetime with Joseph DeLuca, Master Mixologist," July 25, 2012]. When did Americans develop a taste for isopropanol? I don't understand Gen X and Gen Y's obsession with a neutral-base spirit. I ordered a shot of Knob Creek at my local hangout, and someone thought I was drinking Scotch. They seemed to be taken aback, thinking I was some sort of he-man when I responded it was bourbon. What gives?


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