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Readers sound off on concert security and more

Just Do It

If there is such demand for "local" food ... then let the consumers vote with their dollars ["Going the Distance," July 25, 2012]. Somebody put up the cash and the sweat equity and open a stand at the market, compete with the other vendors on a fair playing field, put your money where your mouth is, and stop trying to manipulate the system and shove your agenda down everyone's throats. There are stands available today. Make it happen!

staff contrarion

Tunes and the TSA Treatment

Getting in on Thursday was like going from East Germany to West Germany 30 years ago ["Concert Review: All Good Festival at Legend Valley," on the Scene blog, July 23]. I have been to festivals all over the world and have never seen such a shakedown upon entering. I mean going through sleeping bags and tents is bad enough, but going through cereal and chips ... come on. It did keep the nitrous out, thank God! Searches in and out of the actual venue sucked too. The music was wonderful though, all but the Flaming Lips and the nauseating amount of electronica dub-step garbage. Just because you have a MacBook Pro and a couple programs doesn't make you a musician. Bruce and Bobby with the Noisemakers was the highlight. Bobby actually sat on his amp for a couple minutes and just listened. Maybe the powers that be will work on some logistics for next year and not hire Nazis to do security. All in all, it was a nice weekend campout with a side of good ol' Grateful Dead, and you can never go wrong with that!! "All good things in all good time." tennesseerambler

Bartlett Approved

I find the cash mob concept silly, but I guess it reflects leftists' desire to lead people around like cattle and dictate where they should be spending their money. If there are willing participants, fine, but what is the real economic impact? Nil, I'd say. Just a way for lefties to pat themselves on each others' backs and feel they are being "do gooders" for a day. Robert Mason

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