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Yes, That's Why

This is a typical example of why some people don't take the UFO phenomenon seriously, because of the shoddy and amateur way in which the topic is handled by so-called "journalists" ["Lakewood Resident Spots UFO," Scene & Heard blog, September 4, 2012]. Can we just have the facts without the tongue-in-cheek editorializing? And if you don't think UFOs are real, you either don't know enough about the topic to make an informed judgment or you're the one that's high.

Richard Beckwith

They Might Know Now

I'm a lifelong Steelers fan (sorry) from Alliance, Ohio. But I'll admit this video brought tears to my eyes ["Art Modell Is Dead," Scene & Heard blog, September 6, 2012]. Gone are the good old days of a rivalry steeped in tradition. Gone are the days of innocence and flat-out, hard-nosed football. But what isn't lost in Cleveland are the diehard fans that deserve to have a winning team! Bring back the rivalry. I'm sick of the ratbirds already! Best of luck this season, Cleveland. No one has to know I'm secretly rooting for you too.

Bruce Andrew Bezon

Yogi's on the Secret Kill List

Black bears are not that dangerous. It came to people's yards because it wants food, not to kill them ["Breaking: There's a Bear in a Tree," Scene & Heard blog, September 7, 2012]. We act like the bear is a terrorist that must be eliminated. Now the Solon PD is tracking the bear down through the woods. What is the point? We are so disconnected with nature. People have the same reaction to wolves — the natural predators to deer — returning to the mainland, that we must have sharp-shooters to kill them. Jody Zupancic

So, No High Fives?

This issue is rapidly becoming an epidemic ["Forbidden Love," September 4, 2012]. All [teachers] certainly deserve to be punished; how much, rests with a judge. But as for the teenage male and female students, it's time to grow up and realize that it takes two (or more) to mattress mambo; these "boys and girls" know exactly what is transpiring and should be prosecuted in juvenile court. Punishing both parties will put an end to this recurring nightmare.

Joe Bialek

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