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A Few Reactions to Our List of "13 Bands to Watch"

If you aren't in the know about "ON LOAN" you aren't in the know.

Marv Conner

... and reggae is entirely ignored... again. Tons of up and coming talent, too.

Susie Sharp

I personally have only heard of two of these acts and I play everywhere. Never remember seeing them. Who judges this?? I can think of 13 local acts that deserve to be on this list.

Berdt Barrios

There will always be that band on the scene or that guy sittin next to his trailer who can play better or put on a better show than players on this list, and will never be known. Thats just how it is.

Brent Ian Wesley

Good list but the casino? That place is more depressing than....almost everything.


And Reactions to Our List of "13 Reasons 2012 Was Our Best Year Ever"

Great Article, but I'll add a couple of things: The old Hornblower Restaurant-on-a-ship was bought by Lean Dog, one of Forbes top 10 hiring tech companies of 2012. As a result of that, Burke Lakefront Airport is alive more than its been in decades.

Secondly, some of the reclamation efforts by the Cleveland Housing Network and others are starting to prove themselves out. It turns out that if you take the three worst houses off of any block and either raze them or remodel them into something current, the whole neighborhood benefits and doesn't look crummy anymore. We have a long way to go, but the journey has begun.


We have one of the most prominent burlesque festivals in the country that is up and coming, It was a sold out success with woman from all over the world! Showcasing Cleveland's local tourism and hotel industry, Also many burlesque girls have been going out to represent us national and have come back with awards. This coming year we are also putting up a historical marker for the remembrance of old Cleveland and the festival has moved to a two day event along with the long awaited movie is having its trailer released.

Lisa Tultz Burton

the city of cleveland also began offering domestic partner benefits to city workers and was the location of a huge same-sex wedding event where hundreds of same-sex couples got married to protest ohio laws and constitutional prohibition on same-sex marriage.

Ed Mullen

Rock and Roll is not the ONLY musical genre Cleveland is noted for. With wildly successful tours of the most prestigious music festivals in the world - the Cleveland Orchestra continually "reminds the world" that we have one of the planet's foremost exponents of classical music. Add in the Cleveland International Piano Competition, the internationally applauded Apollo's Fire, some of the country's finest music schools, the innovative musicians of the Cleveland Classical Revolution etc.etc.etc. our musical tapestry is far broader than R & R and its offshoots.


We had the largest gay wedding protest in the country with over 240 couples illegally wed, Its was beautiful. :) Not to mention prepping for the gay games 9 here in Cleveland. the burlesque scene is better then every being represented world wide Cleveland is kicking ass!

Bella Sin

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