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Readers sound off on Frank Jackson's cop plans and more

Beware Big Words

Watch this word regionalism very carefully, and pay special attention to who is saying it.

If suburbs are talking about combining for economic benefit, that could be a good thing.

When the City of Cleveland starts saying it, it is the City trying to recapture the tax base it lost because of the forced busing fiasco of the 1980s. And the people who are in charge still think that was a good idea. And that is still a bad thing.


Random But Accurate

I grew up in Strongsville back in the 60s and 70s. Seems like it's gotten weird there. What a tragic shame.

Rick Robertson

Maybe a Bit Dramatic

What a crock of shit.

I don't care if Garbage Can Man Inaction Jackson brings in Jesus Christ and the 12 Apostles, these cops will be exonerated and praised for using so many rounds to kill these ruthless felons.

Sorry, but no matter WHAT the circumstances and how many witnesses in Police shootings that PROVED the Police were wrong in the last 10 years, they have all been let go scot-free.

I think I will go buy be a M50 machine gun, load up a 500 round bandoleer, tie a canary to its perch in its cage and go bird hunting, then reload another bandoleer "just to make sure".


Maybe a Little Over-Simplified

And the moral to this story is...? If the police say stop, STOP! You probably won't get shot then. Don't run from the police, don't point anything at them, don't act like a badass and just be respectful and you won't get shot.

The Lock Lady

Thrice the Fun

Three Day A Week Newspapers are going to die a quick death. Greater Cleveland, which was once a three daily newspaper town, is now down to one - The Cleveland Plain Dealer, and like the Times-Picayune is in the process of going to a three-day-a-week publication.

The Cleveland Daily News was the first paper that folded into the six-day-a-week Cleveland Press. Then when Scripps-Howard decided to sell the paper to a key maker its fate was sealed. The paper tried to go to a seven-day-a-week paper, but that proved unprofitable when going up against the Sunday edition of the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

As the financial strain became apparent,

the Cleveland Press became thinner - however the afternoon Cleveland Press was not the only paper in distress, afternoon dailies were dying all over the country. The key maker eventually ceased publication and went into the publishing of advertising circulars. At the time, I was working in radio news at WERE NewsRadio 1300. We all sat there in the newsroom knowing full well the current Cleveland Press Building was due for demolition and the paper was dead! Now it's the Cleveland Plain Dealer's turn.

I've watched the paper get thinner over the last few years - and this past year, the newspaper is very thin and there are only a handful of reporters still on staff. A lot of the reporters are abandoning ship - either because of pink slips, layoffs or savvy reporters who've seen the writing on the wall and are leaving for greener pastures elsewhere - even the pressmen have been walking out the door after finding work elsewhere. The big question is whether the Plain Dealer can survive as a three day a week newspaper? Clevelanders are going to turn off of a three-day-a-week newspaper.

However, there is sort of a silver lining for Clevelanders - papers like the Akron Beacon Journal and The News Herald in Lake County, Ohio as well the Morning Journal out of Lorain will most likely add Cleveland editions of their publications as the Plain Dealer continues to evaporate. Once the PD drops its seven-day-a-week coverage - out of town papers will more than likely take up the slack.


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