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Readers sound off on abused dogs and more

On: "Forrest vs. The State of Ohio"

Thank you for your article in Scene magazine and the survival of beautiful Forrest.  It's not surprising anymore to hear of these stories and the sub-human creatures that perpetrate these acts on defenseless animals, namely Mr. Raymone Clements.  What a shame that creatures like him are allowed to exist in our society at the expense of the taxpayers.  The 2 females that accompanied him to try and perpetrate murder on Forrest should also be charged as accomplices.  Thank god for Robin Stone for adopting Forrest & for her providing a loving home to this beautiful dog that gives unconditional love.  As for Mr. Clements, perhaps his sentence should include being taken to a remote park, handcuffed to a tree, shot twice, and we will see if anyone bothers or cares to rescue him.  I highly doubt it.

Bob Harhay

Many times, when horrific crimes are committed against animals—poisoning stray cats, shooting dogs, tying dogs outside to starve or freeze to death, participating in blood sports such as dog fighting and cock fighting—members of the public and often law enforcement respond with a shrug and the comment "It's just a (dog/cat/chicken)." The thought behind this attitude appears to be that horrific crimes are committed against people every day and often, the punishment doesn't come close to fitting the crime in those cases, so what should we expect in the cases of animal cruelty?

The truth of the matter is that people who commit these acts of animal cruelty are equally as capable of committing violent acts against humans (child rapist Clements is the poster child for this). A number of studies have drawn links between the abuse of animals and violence against people. A 2001-2004 study by the Chicago Police Department "revealed a startling propensity for offenders charged with crimes against animals to commit other violent offenses toward human victims." Of those arrested for animal crimes, 65 percent had been arrested for battery against another person.

Animal abuse in the form of neglect often is one of the first indicators of trouble in a household. Whether owing to lack of empathy, mental illness or substance abuse, a person who fails to provide minimal care for the family pet is more likely to neglect the basic needs of other dependents in the household.

Until the federal government and many of our state governments (including Ohio) get over their fear of the Big Agriculture political lobby and their love of Big Ag campaign donations and get serious about animal cruelty, there is not much hope for our society.


On: "USPS to East Cleveland: Bite It, You Scum"

I'm sorry but the driver of the vehicle should pay the tickets. Lately I've notice with Postal Service, City Cars and Trucks and etc. they feel they're above the law when driving Government cars and etc. Time for them to pay up and to admit guilt.


Citing the Postal clause and the reorganization act are non-sequiturs. Just as DUI law (submitting to a breathalyzer) supersedes the Fifth Amendment, no one is outside local traffic law. If one were to follow Ms. Breslins logic, the FBI, which is under the purview of the Justice Department, would also not be subject to local traffic law. Ms Breslin needs to cite case law, which she has emphatically refused to do. Additionally if we follow Ms. Breslin's logic, a postal employee would NEVER be held accountable for local traffic law. Be that DUI, vehicular manslaughter, or reckless driving. The very idea is specious at best. Ms. Breslin, your contempt for local authority is both, appalling and astonishing.


You people haven't figured out that the laws are for us little people and the government is exempt. Starts at the top in DC and filters down to the county, local and even the Post Office.

Byron Shutt

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