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Readers sound off on the Clinic's message of empathy

On: "Cleveland Clinic Reminds Us We Could All Be a Little Nicer"

Regardless of who Cosgrove is and which doctors are not measuring up to a standard, this message is very powerful and I think it's great that Clinic doctors are being asked to show kindness and empathy so much needed in this world

Tatyana Rehn

Yeah, they are nice but I recently broke my shoulder in a car accident and they told me if I was going to get a lawyer that I couldn't see a surgeon. What does a lawyer have to do with my care?? Not so nice!!


I think it's a powerful way to convey an important message that we too often forget. And I think the Clinic is a pretty amazing and wonderful place.

Carl Fillichio

Just had my tenth surgery the pain is absolutely terrible and now the doctor is ignoring me totally. The doctors are great when everything goes well. Not to mention the corruption involving worker's comp.


Funny that such a judgmental asshole is telling people to be nice.

Eric Collins

On: "Local Fish Fries Worth a Look"

Truth be told: Fish fry's are the only reason I'm still Catholic!


On: "Meh Rock Band, Sick Puppies, Releases Live Album Recorded in Cleveland"

Honestly, if 'Sick Puppies' don't "do a whole lot for you" and are a "meh rock band" in your opinion, you're probably not listening very hard. It took a little while to get into them for me, but I'm so glad I did. Their songs don't just sound good, they actually mean something (well, most of them do anyway), unlike a boat-load of the other "rock" bands that are around today. Rock is a very hard genre to satisfy these days, and I think the 'Sick Puppies' do it very, very well.

Chris Fornieri

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