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On: "Councilman Zack Reed Nabbed for Third DUI"

He finally needs to resign in disgrace.


3rd DUI, huh? I know what would happen if this was your average Joe from off the street.


Oh boy.... breathalyzer for the city car? Party like-a-Zach-Reed-plates? Designated driver for his designated driver?

Mike Ock

On: "CSU's Terrible Dorm Policies Rile Students"

Actually, It's pretty retarded. I mean, college kids probably shouldn't be drinking all night and bringing home strangers, but they also shouldn't be told they aren't allowed. They pay a lot of money to go there, and placing rules on them like they are children is ridiculous and unconstitutional if you ask me.

Jay Eremy

What's the purpose of going to college and living in a dorm if you can't destroy your living space, party 24/7, and act like an asshole? Lighten up, CSU! Next thing, you'll be making these poor put-upon children actually buy textbooks, study for tests, go to class, and even learn enough to pass their courses and graduate.

Dorms are zoos in most universities, but kids have pushed the envelope too far in recent years. Go rent some run-down slummy apartment and see how long most landlords will tolerate the crap that administrators wink at. Like the shaving cream fights...someone could poke their eye out! Then they'd have a reason to use "curse words in public"...as in "Goddammit, you've blinded me and I can't fucking see!"

After two years of hating dorm life, I moved into an attic slum, and life was good. One afternoon my landlord barged in on me and my girlfriend while we were rolling around on the floor and blasting In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida. And yeah, he actually believed that what he smelled was incense. Why spend all that moolah if you can't stand a few restrictions? Deal with it....or just go find some off-campus dump...or live with mommy and daddy. Or maybe put down the bottle and stop acting like a shmuck.

Chuckles the Clown

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