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Readers sound off on Lake Erie's toxicity and more

On: "Lake Erie is Currently Toxic"

The algae blooms are from nutrients (fertilizer) being washed off fields and out of sewage plants into the streams and rivers by the rain. The nutrients feed the algae and the algae bloom grows bigger and bigger. The algae eventually dies and rots, stripping oxygen from the water during decomposition to make carbon dioxide. Fish are killed by the lack of dissolved oxygen in the water.

Andrew Shella

Moral of the story: start composting on your own land (including your own human waste.) Start discontinuing use of fertilizers, especially chemical ones that are synthetic and quickly water soluble, as they run off as soon as they are washed off.

Anthony Lorenzo

On: "Changes Coming to Nighttown"

It's not lack of a sophisticated palate that stops people from spending money at restaurants that offer foie gras. It's the fact that to produce foie gras, ducks are cruelly force-fed. The liver you eat when you eat foie gras is a diseased liver from an over-fattened duck. That's gross and it's cruel, and many people, myself included, will not spend money at an establishment that supports such a practice. Get informed before you make derisive statements about a commenter. It has nothing to do with common tastes vs. refined tastes. It is all about animal cruelty. Birds literally explode from the force feedings. It is a horrible and unimaginably painful life for them.

Lauren Vachon

On: "RTA Bus Collision Downtown"

To the person who seems to think the 8 people injured somehow were indicative of substandard for society; are you aware of how many professionals and college students depend upon public transportation daily? And have you ever actually ridden the health line or RTA? There are no seat belts, and is usually crowded enough to force standing room. If you are standing when a a vehicle hits another at even 25mph, you go flying, which means even though the solid bus might not be dented, your head surely will be as it slams into poles or seats nearby you. I'm frankly surprised only 8 people were injured in the accident.

Dusty Prall

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