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A tribute to one of our most faithful commenters

There are many regular commenters at Scene, whether it's through our site, Facebook, email, etc.

Cbrbart, however, comments on nearly everything we write. Seriously. From years-old stories to the freshest blog post or slideshow, he chimes in.

This means we don't feature him in the letters section nearly or at all. He's too prolific, too quick.

But the time has come to recognize his monumental commitment to reading our humble rag and the time he devotes to responding to our stories. This is the all-Cbrbart mailbag, because we love him, even though we have no idea who he is nor how he has enough time in his day to leave a note on dozens of stories during his waking hours. Thank you, sir. We're thinking of you.

On: "Cleveland Clinic Voice Specialist to Help Judge Rock Off"

Guuuuh...One of the most tightassed companies in the world offering it's "ear" to Rock and Roll?? (reaching for my bull$hit card)

On: "Epic Eats – Camarones del Pacific @ Si Senor"

Shrimp wrapped Bacon?? YUM!!!

On: "Concert Slideshow: U.D.O at Peabody's"

Oooh...I didn't miss anything here....

On: "Climate Action Plan: Public Meeting Slated for Tonight"

even so I won't go into the lake....

On: "Batter's Eye: This Guy Makes the Tribe Look Good"

Even the Tribe fanS in the Queen City(Cinci) Call it the Jake... I have the shirt....

On: "Security Video Shows Person of Interest in Aliza Sherman Murder"

CPD can ticket you from a quarter mile away but finding a murder? Hmmm...Not so much...

On: "Cleveland Metroparks Rated Second Best Parks & Recreation Twitter Follow"

"and they have a bomb-ass Twitter feed too" is what caught my attention!

On: "Game On: B Side to Become Barcade"

I love B Spot, best burgers in town!!

On: "Shoppes on Clifton Plan Comes to Light"

I will NOT shop there... And bad mouth it every time I can... The Shops on Clifton??? The Dollar Store on Clifton... The Get Go on Clifton... The dropped ball... On Clifton....

On: "Car Thieves Love Dodge Caravans"

They're easy to steal and great for getaways...just great...

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