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Readers sound off on taking pictures at Captain America

On: "Movie Cops Don't Like You Taking Pictures of Filming"

Guess what? It's a public street! Deal with it like the 38,000 cars are dealing with the shoreway!

—John Petrus

You do realize these PAs make shit money and are only doing their jobs, right? No need to post pictures of their faces and insult them like that.


What's not legal about "menacing" (please) looks and flailing arms? They aren't physically restraining anyone from taking a picture, or having cops arrest them, etc.

—Camilo Jose Villa

Guess what John, I wouldn't want anyone posting media of my production either. Deal with it! I find this article very dickish.

—Ryan Atkins

It's a public street & the photos are not for commercial use, no copyrighted or trademarked items to be defiled. So its pretty much legal to take a photo isn't it?

The security people should learn the law.... maybe its okay to "discourage" photo taking- at least they haven't crossed the line on that.

—Ken Matosky

When this one Jerk yelled at this Chick and her Boyfriend for trying to take a picture of a stunt car riddled with fake bullet holes just parked on the street behind the library with her Cell Phone, and the SECURITY RENT A JACKASS yells, "Hey No Pictures, Step Away from the Vehicle!!" She said, "F**k You, It's A Free Country!" I say, Captain America, GO BACK TO CALIFORNIA!! moron Movie...

—Mark Celesnik

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